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Data: concentrations at times $0, 1, \ldots 15$, from 6 patients who received each 100 mg at time $t=0$ (bolus intravenous):


Goal of modelling: describe the variability of the data (structural, intra \& inter variabilities) using a {\it statistical model}.

Classical {\it individual approach}: derive a model for a unique individual:

\href{intro2}{More details} %\href{run:/individualModel.pdf}{More details}

\begin{itemize} \item Predicted concentration at time '"`UNIQ-MathJax6-QINU`"': '"`UNIQ-MathJax2-QINU`"' \item Observed concentration at time '"`UNIQ-MathJax7-QINU`"', '"`UNIQ-MathJax8-QINU`"': '"`UNIQ-MathJax3-QINU`"' \end{itemize}

Observed concentrations from individual 1 and predicted concentration profile obtained with $V=10.5$ and $k=0.279$: \begin{figure}[!ht] \begin{centering} \includegraphics[width=15cm]{introduction/intro2.png} \label{fig:intro2} \end{centering} \end{figure}