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This is an introductory tutorial for describing and visualizing simple and more complex pharmacokinetic (PK) models.
We will present several PK model examples and visualize the processes of absorption, distribution and elimination that characterize them. 
We will suppose in all these examples that a single dose is administered at time t=0. In each example, the modeling goal is defined. Then, the model and requests for graphical outputs are coded in MLXPlore, a new graphical and interactive software for the exploration and visualization of complex pharmacometric models. MLXPlore uses the easy and intuitive MLXtran model coding language, popularized by the Monolix software.
MLXPlore is used here for computing the predicted amount in the central compartment. We further display in [[LINK|???]] the predicted amount in the depot compartment and the MLXPlore project that was used for computing it.

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