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CryptoVerif Installation

From prosecco

Instructions for installing CryptoVerif.


(CH: It would be great if these prerequisites would be only for building from sources, while the binary packages would include their dependencies)

(CH: This is a prerequisite only when building from source, right? Is there any way to do this without building things from sources (e.g. on Windows)?)

(CH: TODO: separate instructions for OCaml, shared between the three tools)

In order to run implementations of protocols generated by CryptoVerif, you need to have the Caml cryptographic library "cryptokit" installed. This library is available at

You need to either - arrange so that the installed cryptokit library is in subdirectory "implementation/cryptokit" of the CryptoVerif distribution (possibly via a symbolic link) - or install the cryptokit library in the "cryptokit" subdirectory of the Caml standard library - or modify the variable CRYPTOKIT in the scripts implementation/npsk/ implementation/wlsk/ so that the cryptokit library is included.

(CH: Can we make this easier? Can we automate it with a script? Also, people using opam can just do `opam install cryptokit`)

  • (CH: Cygwin for Windows)

(CH: If any of the other tools needs Cygwin to run on Windows, we could link to the Cygwin installation instructions, and mention explicitly which packages our tools we depend on: make, etc)

Installing the binary package (Windows)

On Windows, the recommended way is to use the precompiled binaries, available as a separate distribution. [1]

(CH: Any chance for a zip archive of this? Windows people don't usually use tar gz?)

(CH: How about including a cryptokit binary in this release, so that people can use this out of the box?)

(CH: It would be too hard to provide binaries for other platforms?)

Building from Source (Linux, Mac, Windows with Cygwin)

Download CryptoVerif sources:


Uncompress the archive using tar:

 gunzip cryptoverif1.19.tar.gz
 tar -xf cryptoverif1.19.tar

or if you have GNU tar:

 tar -xzf cryptoverif1.19.tar.gz

This will create a directory named cryptoverif1.19 in the current directory. Go into this directory, and build the programs:

 cd cryptoverif1.19

Frequently asked questions


The CryptoVerif cryptographic protocol verifier, version 1.19 is copyright ENS, CNRS, INRIA, by Bruno Blanchet and David Cadé, 2005-2014. It is released under the terms of the CeCILL-B license. (The CeCILL-B license is a BSD-style license. See the file LICENSE for more information.)